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How can I get a loan to buy a house in Mexico?

1/9/22 9:00 AM Written by Ekasa Desarrollos Inmobiliarios

A lot of people, especially foreigners who want to pursue the ownership of a property in Mexico, have questions about this possibility as well as a real estate property in Mexico. Questions such as “Can I get a mortgage in Mexico?”, “What type of loans are available?”, and “What financing options do I have?” are about to be answered.

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Is it safe to buy a house in Mexico?

3/24/20 3:00 PM Written by Ekasa Desarrollos Inmobiliarios

Security in life is a very important issue. Regardless of where you live, it is always comfortable to feel like you live in a safe place and be confident about going out from the house to do what you do on your daily activities without a sense of danger. The feeling of living in a secure city comes first if you are thinking about changing your lifestyle. That feeling is priceless.

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