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Return on investment

Ekasa has become the pioneering developer group offering the best profitability.


What is the return on investment?

Better known as ROI, the return on investment is a financial indicator that allows us to measure the profitability of the investment made in a product, in other words the relationship between the profits obtained and our investment.

At Ekasa we have created the perfect product, considered almost financial, thinking about the needs of a market like the Riviera Maya

With an occupancy that reaches 90% per year, Ekasa offers investors apartments designed for vacation rentals, which are the success of your investment. All our developments have an excellent location and functionality, in addition to offering first-class amenities and demanding prices.


8% to 11% return on investment

We offer you an Annual Return on Investment of 8% to 11% of your property.


Integral advice

We offer integral advice to our Clients and Associates.


Luxury Residential Developments

We offer integral advice to our Clients and Associates.


% ROI of an Apartment in Playa del Carmen

Here is the relationship between the increase in tourism that Playa del Carmen is experiencing and your personal economic benefit.

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